ROAR MoCCA Fest Roundup

This past weekend brought MoCCA Fest to New York City, and the Roar editorial team was in full effect at the show. There were a million things to see, between all the amazing art and indie comics and mini-comics on display. But beyond that, we got to catch up with our Mer artist, Abby Boeh, and Roar friend M.K. Reed… who may or may not have something in the works for us. Wink wink.

There was too much great stuff to get to everything, but we came home with a pretty amazing haul and wanted to share our goodies with all of you.

The Tulip Twins by Laura Knetzger (self-published)– That’s right, our amazing Roar assistant was set up and peddling her own wares at the show. The Tulip Twins was a stand-out, weaving a magical local fable into a deeper story about hope, love and loss.

Commuter by Kris Mukai (self-published)–Smooth linework and gritty risograph color make the grossest true public transit stories palatable and funny. The best in handmade zines. Also, fart jokes!

G.BC. Greenhouse by Jon Marchione (self-published)– It’s very unusual to see a zine that’s reproductions of paintings, let alone a painted comic, so this book is great to see. The comic is gestural and loose in the best way.

Cities and Spaces and by Rebekka Dunlap (self-published)– True to the name, this comic plays and invents believable yet magical moody spaces. The characters search and explore a warm home, a ruined city, a hidden museum, and a cold underground temple. Mysterious and evocative, and a great read. Rebekka’s a talent to keep an eye on.

Untitled by Jenny Zych (self-published) – A fold-out zine of gestural marker and graphite drawings. Zych’s illustrations are surprisingly delicate – simplistic yet lush at the same time.

Long Hair Don’t Care by Kevin Valente (self-published) – Valente’s work was the revelation of the show for us — Bright colors, great drawings and dynamic typography— all used to illustrate Amanda Bynes’ best tweets.

Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza by James Kochalka (First Second Books) – Great to see an all-ages comic with bright, cute colors that are pushed but never garish. We love the ugly-cute character designs.

Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët (Drawn and Quarterly) – We’ve heard a lot of great things about this book and it’s awesome to finally have in-hand, and awesome catching up with D&Q Creative Director Tom Devlin at the show! Finely drawn, the story calls back the grisly origins of fairy tales. We’re hoping to see more comics that skirt the line between kid and adult stories.

We had a blast – Society of Illustrators & MoCCA did a fantastic job putting on the show. Between the programming, the floor, and the gallery set up at the front of the Armory, everything really came together. Thanks, MoCCA Fest 2014 – until next year!

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